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Upcoming Conferences

Conference #27
DATE: January 2024
LOCATION: To Be Determined
  • Topic 1: Environment, Climate Change and the role of Parliament
  • Topic 2: Diverse and Inclusive Parliaments (youth and gender sensitivity)
  • Topic 3: Security measures for parliamentarians and parliaments
  • Topic 4: Health and Wellbeing Support in Parliaments and the role of Speaker and Presiding Officers
  • Special Plenary Session: Building Consensus for Parliamentary Business: the role of Speakers and Presiding Officers

Past Conferences

Conference #26
DATE: January 3-6, 2023
COUNTRY: Australia
LOCATION: Canberra, Australia

Topic 1: Parliaments and the pandemic
Topic 2: Security
Topic 3: e-Parliament
Topic 4: Role of the Speaker or Presiding Officer in leading parliamentary innovation

Special Plenary Session: Training for Members and staff
Conference #25
DATE: January 6-10, 2020
LOCATION: Ottawa, Canada
Topic 1 - Parliamentary Engagement: Openness, Transparency and Accountability
Sujet 1 - Engagement parlementaire : ouverture, transparence et responsabilité
Topic 2 - Challenges and Opportunities Arising from the Displacement of a Parliamentary Assembly
Sujet 2 - Défis et occasions découlant du déplacement d’une assemblée parlementaire
Topic 3 - Parliamentarians as Effective Legislators and Constituency Representatives: Evolving Support Required
Sujet 3 - Efficacité des parlementaires à titre de législateurs et de représentants de circonscription : besoin de soutien évolutif
Topic 4 - Securing of Individuals in the Parliamentary Context and Beyond
Sujet 4 - Assurer la sécurité des gens dans le contexte parlementaire et au delà
Special Plenary Session – Inclusive Parliaments: The Role of the Speaker in Supporting Emerging Procedures and Practices Embracing the Changing Face and Needs of Parliament
Séance plénière spéciale – Parlements inclusifs : rôle du Président dans le soutien des procedures et des pratiques émergentes visant à accueillir le visage et les besoins changeants du Parlement
Conference #24
DATE: January 8-13, 2018
COUNTRY: The Seychelles
LOCATION: Victoria
Conference #23
DATE: January 9-14, 2016
COUNTRY: Malaysia
LOCATION: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Conference #22
DATE: January 21-25, 2014
COUNTRY: New Zealand
LOCATION: Wellington
Conference #21
DATE: January 7 to 12, 2012
COUNTRY: Trinidad and Tobago
LOCATION: Port-of-Spain
Conference #20
DATE: January 4-8, 2010
Conference #19
DATE: January 2-6, 2008
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
LOCATION: London, England
Conference #18
DATE: January 3-8, 2006
LOCATION: Nairobi and Mombasa
Conference #17
DATE: January 9-12, 2004
LOCATION: Montebello, Québec
Conference #16
DATE: January 8-12, 2002
COUNTRY: Botswana
Conference #15
DATE: January 5-8, 2000
COUNTRY: Australia
LOCATION: Canberra, Australia Capital Territory
Conference #14
DATE: January 6-9, 1998
COUNTRY: Trinidad and Tobago
LOCATION: Port-of-Spain

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Conference #13
DATE: 1996
Conference #12
DATE: 1994
COUNTRY: Papua New Guinea
Conference #11
DATE: 1992
COUNTRY: Jamaica
Conference #10
DATE: 1990
COUNTRY: Zimbabwe
Conference #09
DATE: 1988
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
LOCATION: London, England
Conference #08
DATE: 1986
Conference #07
DATE: 1984
COUNTRY: New Zealand
LOCATION: Wellington
Conference #06
DATE: 1981
LOCATION: Ottawa, Ontario
Conference #05
DATE: 1978
COUNTRY: Australia
LOCATION: Canberra
Conference #03
DATE: 1973
Conference #02
DATE: 1971
Conference #01
DATE: 1969
LOCATION: Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario

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